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販売価格: 5,800円 (税別)
(税込価格: 6,264円)
究極のベスト!初期作品から近年のヒット作までの25年のキャリアをコンパイル。 ★ ★ ★
A1. Hung Up A2. Music
A3. Vogue A4. 4 Minutes / Feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
B1. Holiday B2. Everybody
B3. Like A Virgin B4. Into The Groove
C1. Like A Prayer C2. Ray Of Light
C3. Sorry C4. Express Yourself C5. Open Your Heart
D1. Borderline D2. Secret
D3. Erotica D4. Justify My Love D5. Revolver / Feat. Lil Wayne
E1. Dress You Up E2. Material Girl
E3. La Isla Bonita E4. Papa Don’t Preach E5. Lucky Star
F1. Burning Up F2. Crazy For You
F3. Who’s That Girl F4. Frozen
G1. Miles Away G2. Take A Bow
G3. Live To Tell G4. Beautiful Stranger G5. Hollywood
H1. Die Another Day H2. Don’t Tell Me
H3. Cherish H4. Celebration

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