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ホーム新譜:HOUSE 洋楽Katy Perry / Prism (picture) 2LP (B002018901)

Katy Perry / Prism (picture) 2LP (B002018901)

販売価格: 4,500円 (税別)
(税込価格: 4,860円)

Katy Perry / Prism (picture) 2LP (B002018901)

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A1 Roar
A2 Legendary Lovers
A3 Birthday
A4 Walking On Air
B1 Unconditionally
B2 Dark Horse feat. Juicy J
B3 This Is How We Do
B4 International Smile
C1 Ghost
C2 Love Me
C3 This Moment
C4 Double Rainbow
D1 By the Grace of God
D2 Spiritual
D3 It Takes Two
D4 Choose Your Battles
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