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ホーム新譜:HOUSE 洋楽Zedd / Clarity (deluxe Edition) 2LP (B001881401) N89-0-1

Zedd / Clarity (deluxe Edition) 2LP (B001881401) N89-0-1

販売価格: 5,800円 (税別)
(税込価格: 6,264円)

Zedd / Clarity (deluxe Edition) 2LP (B001881401)


A1. Hourglass Feat.LIZ
A2. Shave It Up
A3. Spectrum Feat. Matthew Koma
A4. Lost At Sea Feat. Ryan Tedder
B1. Clarity Feat. Foxes
B2. Codec
B3. Stache
B4. Fall Into The Sky Feat. Ellie Goulding
C1. Follow You Down Feat. Bright Lights
C2. Epos
C3. Stay The Night Feat. Hayleyt Williams Of Paramore
D1. Push Play Feat. Miriam Bryant
D2. Alive (Empire Of The Sun & Zedd)
D3. Breakin A Sweat (Skrillex & The Doors) (Zedd Remix)
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